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  January 17, 2018 

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If your business requires the use of forklifts it is critical that the equipment you choose is reliable and gets the job done right.

With so many products on the market for materials handling it is vital you do your research and get the opinion of many different resellers before committing to your purchase.  Don’t forget to check out warranty, back up service and support.

What are "Forklifts"?

Materials handling equipment that can be powered by LPG, diesel, electric or petrol.

Different types of forklifts are:
• Reach trucks
• Walkie stackers
• Hand pallet trucks
• Rough terrain forklifts and telescopics

There is a substantial market for used forklifts and the price will vary depending on the unit.  Use this page to check the different models, offers and prices.  Make sure you undertake a technical check on the used forklift before you buy.

Used Forklifts  

Used Forklifts and 2nd-Hand Forklift News

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