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Answering ServicesMore and more healthcare professionals are finding it more effective and convenient to run their businesses while "on-the-road", rather than from an office.  However, in many situations it is useful to have phone calls answered by a medical receptionist or secretary.  As many medical practitioners and GPs don't want the expense of an office for the receptionist or secretary, they use a professional answering service.

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What is a "Medical Answering Service"?

There are a number of tasks and services that answering services can provide:
• Phone answering
• Taking and passing on messages
• Schedule Appointments
• Re-schedule Appointments

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CQI: Framework for Implementing Care Coordination
Wednesday, 17th January 2018
Persons in need rarely fit neatly within the client profile of any one state or local agency.  Instead, most individuals find themselves receiving services from many agencies and, quite often, the services or eligibility requirement of one may preclude services from another.

Things to Know and Understand About DOT Physicals
Wednesday, 17th January 2018
Conducting a test on DOT Physical is a special responsibility that quite a few people and agencies need to carry out together.  It is a social responsibility to find the best as well as expert drivers that can maintain safety everyone on the road.

Remote Patient Monitoring - The Future of Healthcare
Friday, 12th January 2018
Remote Patient Monitoring - An act of monitoring the health of a patient without being physically present.  The integration of communication technologies in patient care has provided professionals with a revolutionary solution to deliver superior medical care remotely.

One Day, Scientists Could Grow The Human Cardiovascular System From Stem Cells
Wednesday, 10th January 2018
Developing replacement tissues from the stem cells is one of the major goals of biology.  In case any damaged part of the body can be restored by the tissue, then this can be used to treat the people.

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How to get the best Medical Answering Service:

Use the links on this page to find information on the most suitable answering service.  Ask for references and understand their policies and procedures.  Also look at the privacy guidelines and safeguards and get a number of quotes.  You might find that Answering services located outside the main capital cities are more cost-effective.  Note that an answering service does not have to be local.  On the other hand, overseas call centres are not desirable due to their lack of local knowledge.
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