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  August 21, 2017 

                 Make More Disk Space

Running out of disk space on Windows?  Are duplicate files and temporary data clogging up your PC?  Is your Disk Defragmenter complaining that you have less than the required 15% free space?  Do you think you need to buy a new hard disk or even a new PC?  Maybe not...  Because you can fix all this for FREE!!!

This web page is a community service to help you make your Windows PC run "as new" with practical and easy-to-follow advice about how to reclaim disk space on your Windows PC by optimizing your Windows files.

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What do I need to do to recover and free space on my hard disk?

1.  Remove any unnecessary files - by running Windows "Cleanup" and a well-known free program!
2.  Recover even more space by compressing not frequently used files - using Windows' built-in file compression tool.
3.  OK, so you need more space? Remove unnecessary programs and Windows functions.

Bookmark this! 4. Read Windows books and optimisation guides to learn the secrets of getting the most performance out of your PC.

FAST-TRACK - Remove the speed-zapping Malware and Registry "gunk" quickly and easily from your PC

If you need fast relief of your PC speed and reliability problems and don't have time for system maintenance described above, follow these two easy steps: 
1. Do a free scan with RegCure's Fix PC Errors - Repair to repair and optimise your Windows PC.
2. Download and run XP AntiVirus Pro from Paretologic until it reports that your Windows is "clean".
These two programs will immediately speed-up and stabilise your Windows PC - do the other steps on this page later.

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Microsoft Windows  

1: Increase Free Disk Space - Remove unnecessary Files

  • Delete any unnecessary files: Go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories ->  System Tools and run "Disk Cleanup", check all boxes but not "Compress Files", unless you want to increase your disk space.  After a while you will get a list of the files to be deleted; click "OK".
  • Move older files into an archive: DropBox offers 2Gb Free "Cloud" Storage!
  • Delete unnecessary programs: Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and run "Add or Remove Programs".  Carefully remove any programs you don't want on your PC.  Leave all Windows programs and patches alone.
Bookmark this! Why? Unnecessary files take up space and slow down your computer.

2: Free MORE Disk Space - Compress infrequently used Files

  • Compress old files: Go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools and run "Disk Cleanup", check all boxes including "Compress Files". After you click "OK" this may run for many hours if it is run the first time...
Bookmark this! Why? Compressing files that are not frequently used frees up disk space, but does not slow down the computer.

3: Free EVEN MORE Disk Space - Remove obsolete Files

  • Delete more unnecessary files with the free www.CCleaner.com.  Download, install (unclicking the Yahoo Toolbar option) and run the "Cleaner" function.
  • Delete unnecessary programs: Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and run "Add or Remove Programs".  In the "Change or Remove Programs" panel, carefully remove any programs you don't need on your PC.  Leave all Windows programs and patches alone.
  • Delete unnecessary Windows functions: Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and run "Add or Remove Programs".  In the "Add/Remove Windows Components" panel, carefully remove any programs you don't need.
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