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DiabetesDiabetes is a chronic condition that can be managed with a sensible plan, the right medical equipment and healthy lifestyle choices.  People with diabetes require daily testing with blood glucose meters and using lancets for blood sampling to check their blood sugar levels.

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What is "Diabetes"?

Diabetes is a condition where the patient has abnormally high sugar levels in the blood because their body is producing low levels of insulin (a naturally occurring hormone). Symptoms of onset of diabetes are typically excessive thirst, excessive urine production and unexplained loss of weight. There are two main types of diabetes both are treatable with insulin: type 1 is where insulin is not produced by the pancreas and requires injecting with insulin; type 2 is managed by lifestyle changes of reducing weight, regular exercise and if needed insulin supplement either by tablet or more rarely by injection.

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How to get the best Diabetes Supplies:

Diabetes supplies are provided by a number of sources - shops and on-line.  Use this page to check the different offers and prices for diabetes supplies and compare prices and quality before ordering.
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