August 28, 2016 

HL7 CCOW Resources Page

What is CCOW?

The HL7 CCOW (Clinical Context Object Workgroup) Standard is vendor independent and allows clinical applications to share information at the point of care.

Using a technique called "context management", CCOW provides the clinician with a unified view on the information held in separate and disparate healthcare applications referring to the same patient, encounter or user.  This means that when a clinician signs on to one application within the group of disparate applications tied together by the CCOW environment, that same sign-on is simultaneously executed on all other applications within the group.  Similarly, when the clinician selects a patient, the same patient is selected in all the applications.  CCOW then builds a combined view of the patient on one screen.

CCOW works for both client-server and web-based applications.  The acronym CCOW stands for "Clinical Context Object Workgroup", a reference to the standards committee within the HL7 group that developed the standard.  Read more in HL7 CCOW Books and Guides. CCOW

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CCOW Resources

CCOW (Clinical Software Application Context Management standard)

Sentillion's Vergence Software Development Kit)  (Sentillion Inc. - USA)

Concerto CCOW Context Manager  (Orion - New Zealand)

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