July 1, 2016 

HL7 CCOW Resources Page

What is CCOW?

The HL7 CCOW (Clinical Context Object Workgroup) Standard is vendor independent and allows clinical applications to share information at the point of care.

Using a technique called "context management", CCOW provides the clinician with a unified view on the information held in separate and disparate healthcare applications referring to the same patient, encounter or user.  This means that when a clinician signs on to one application within the group of disparate applications tied together by the CCOW environment, that same sign-on is simultaneously executed on all other applications within the group.  Similarly, when the clinician selects a patient, the same patient is selected in all the applications.  CCOW then builds a combined view of the patient on one screen.

CCOW works for both client-server and web-based applications.  The acronym CCOW stands for "Clinical Context Object Workgroup", a reference to the standards committee within the HL7 group that developed the standard.  Read more in HL7 CCOW Books and Guides. CCOW

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CCOW Resources

CCOW (Clinical Software Application Context Management standard)

Sentillion's Vergence Software Development Kit)  (Sentillion Inc. - USA)

Concerto CCOW Context Manager  (Orion - New Zealand)

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Latest News: HL7

Principles for Sharing Local Electronic Patient Records Across Organisations
Friday, 1st July 2016
New General Practice system which allows healthcare professionals to access detailed information on patient consultations from across different organisations in the UK.  The British Medical Association (BMA) has set high level principles to support GP practices record sharing systems.

Tips for Effective Communication in Healthcare
Thursday, 30th June 2016
In a healthcare setting, effective communication between patients and healthcare professional is very important to provide great patient care and improve patient satisfaction.  It encompasses the ability of healthcare professional to collect information in order to facilitate accurate diagnosis, appropriately counseling, therapeutic instructions, and establish caring relationships with patients.

Health Check Up Camp for Underprivileged
Wednesday, 29th June 2016
Many years have passed after we gained freedom, and India is yet to offer basic healthcare services to its population at large.  Government sources state that about 45 kids die every hour owing to respiratory infections and at least one dies every two minutes after suffering from diarrhoea.  Again, two million children in the 0-5 age group die every year owing to preventable diseases.  All this happened because they were not able to get healthcare facilities on time.

Now's the Time to Take the Leap Into Data Virtualization
Wednesday, 29th June 2016
Data virtualization (DV) is making inroads in the healthcare industry.  It continues to be a hot topic with many leading industry gurus calling it as a potential game-changer.  What most of these experts are opining is that how this seemingly new approach to data management can help them in cost optimization and efficiencies.  Understandably, this aspect, out of many others, is of increasing interest to them and us.

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