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Bulgaria - Travel, Culture & Real Estate!Bulgaria is a great country - good food, nice nature, great people!  Located in South-eastern Europe, it is bordered by the Black Sea to the east, Romania to the north, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west and Greece and Turkey to the south.

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Why is Bulgaria special?
Bulgaria offers excellent conditions for high-tech and telecommunication industries and services with its central location, highly-qualified workforce, macroeconomic stability and growing domestic market. A number of multinational companies have their regional offices in Bulgaria. The most notable is Hewlett-Packard, which built its Global Service Centre for Europe, the Middle East and Africa in Sofia. Telecommunications has arguably grown faster than any other industry in the country.
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Where can I find out more about Bulgaria?
1.  Look for Bulgaria Books and Guides or Bulgarian collectibles.
2.  Look for houses, apartments or land.
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3.  Check the Bulgarian News and Media:
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 Watch Bulgarian TV
 BG Televizia
 Sofia Echo
 Australian Style in BG
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